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Reconnections Ministries
Reconnected Church - Mike Wolff

Our Mission Statement:

"As Jesus did 2,000 years ago, we are calling men out of their temples to help them discover, develop, and deploy
their God-given giftedness, and lead them into a vibrant, passionate pursuit of Christ in their communities."




Our mission and calling

A New Impact on the Church

At RECONNECTIONS we seek the reawakening of Christian men, because God ordained them to lead. They have fallen to the curse of Adam: apathy and abandonment of their calling keeps them in a state of sleep. Jesus’ vision, words, and method of leadership made those who followed Him want to come to life and run the race of disciples. We desire to help men find Jesus’ great adventure again by following Him out of their temples and in to a passionate relationship with Him in their marketplaces and communities.

We do believe that will not happen unless we return to the system of shepherds and sheep Jesus taught and modeled—the way that has been supplanted by the temple system of teachers and students we now model. God created and then redeemed men to be so much more than Bible students and spectators. He created them to be proactive participants! This will not happen in our churches as they are now constituted, but God is raising up shepherds in His marketplaces across America, and upon them rests the hope for His true church.

Jesus proclaimed Himself “the Good Shepherd,” and said the response of His sheep would be twofold: “to hear His voice and follow Him.” Then He led them out of their mundane existences and showed them through His words and his example “they could have life, and that abundantly.” We believe every man’s place is significant in the body, and each has been given unique and critical giftedness that can be discovered, developed, and deployed.

RECONNECTIONS is dedicated to calling leadership to shepherding again, that their sheep who follow their example might tarry in the sheepfold no longer. As men reengage with Jesus’ vision of discipleship through leaders who embrace His model of making disciples, we can’t help but reengage the communities around us as Jesus engaged His community: in the marketplaces of everyday life.

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