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Fellowship of the Marketplace Videos

Reports from Brooksville, FL


Town Transformed

Holy Bumps

Church Broke Out

A Day with the FMP

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Once a pillar of the church I led Bible studies, directed ministries, led worship, and was a "go to guy" for fund raising. But as I did all those things, I began to notice the response of the men who were supposed to be benefitting. There was nothing there—no excitement as we sang, no passion as we studied, and no joy as we served. They were largely going through the motions.

I couldn't ignore what my own eyes were witnessing, nor the many polls telling us something was very wrong with our effectiveness in fulfilling the Great Commission: to make "disciples" of men. I began to take a closer look at the system we were all trying to function in, comparing it with how Jesus did it. This brought me a stunning revelation: He encountered a failing religious system, rejected it, and built His church an entirely different way. As I examined the two extremes it became evident which one our present system most reflected!

I began seeking that precious remnant the Lord always kept for Himself when times were darkest. He answered my prayers through the first authentic Christian community my eyes had witnessed in 30 years of church-going, built upon a prophecy its shepherd had received: "Children, stop bickering. The church is broken. It has become a business and forgotten about Me. But I will build MY church in the marketplace." I have witnessed the fulfillment of that prophecy since I began taking annual sabbaticals to the Rising Sun Café in Brooksville in 2009, and now I'd like to share that experience with you.

In the two videos you are about to see you will witness the story of my search for God's remnant, and experience a bit of this amazing fellowship that now serves thousands across three counties in central Florida without a single house of worship, plate passed, or single substantial donor. You'll see interviews with John Callea, his wife Lisa, and many, many others who have been forever touched by the ministry.

Follow the Youtube links above to the Fellowship of the Marketplace trailer and documentary: the fulfillment of a prophecy and living example of what life must have looked like for the disciples and apostles over 2,000 years ago! If you enjoy it, I hope you will share it with your friends.

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