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Books by Mike Wolff

Growing you internally and challenging you externally


Running the Race Already Won
Wrestling with the church’s response to Jesus’ mercy and mandate

Running the Race Already Won

Is it acceptable to us that only around 10% of Christians polled over the past 50 years could by any objective measure be called disciples, when the Great Commission is to "make disciples?" Are we ready to re-examine our preconceived ideas about what church should look like, examine again the example Jesus employed to make disciples, and consider a new vision for setting free those now sitting on the sidelines of the great adventure? Running the Race Already Won discusses the genesis and consequences of what Michael calls the classroom church model, one that has led to study without practice, and compares it to the model of shepherding and sheep Jesus taught and lived.

Jesus walked into a model eerily similar to the one we have embraced today and turned the tables on it. Understanding Jesus' vision of discipleship, as summarized in the first 17 verses of John 15, can help leadership re-establish His model and help their men discover, develop, and deploy their unique gifts both inside and outside the fellowship. John 15 was the lifestyle message Jesus both taught and lived before His disciples, and the single most important message in making disciples today. Reconstructing our fellowships to live by these principles, we can reconnect leadership with its mandate to create disciples, men with their giftedness and calling, and the church with its world.

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Running the Race Already Won
Running the Race Already Won

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Praying Today's Psalms (Book 1):
A New Covenant approach to an ancient discipline

Praying Today's Psalms

There is no single discipline that will help focus our prayers, restore our passion and integrity, open the door to the abiding relationship Jesus seeks with us, and help us mature like communing with the heart of God through praying His prayers can. Praying the Psalms is a powerful ancient spiritual practice most in the modern church haven’t experienced. Perhaps that's because those who do try find it difficult to engage because of Old Covenant concepts that run counter to the New Covenant. This devotional removes those stumbling blocks by Newtestamentizing and personalizing the Psalms, so the Christian can pray them in all of their richness. A favorite discipline of ascetics around the world, praying the Psalms ignites passion, restores reverence for a holy God, and establishes integrity and intimacy with Him.

Praying the Psalms offers us a wholly unique opportunity to enter into the very presence of God, because they alone among all the books of the Bible invite us in to the conversation between passionate but flawed men and God in their attempts to connect at a deep and enduring level. We can join with God's Spirit through praying His inspired prayers, and be forever and indelibly changed through the process. Sharing in the real highs and lows of life with men determined to find answers in their somewhat unknowable God is what has made the Psalms the unique, enduring, and loved book it has been down through the ages.

Praying Today's Psalms contains 180 entries complete with a prayer modeled from the template of the Psalm, Mike’s thoughts to provoke your own meditations, and space for personal journaling. This is the first of a four volume set that focuses on the Psalms dealing with life's most difficult moments. Three to follow will include Praise, Renewal, and Application as their focus.

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The Passional persuit of prayer

persuit of prayer - Renewal

Application - Prayer

Yearning - Prayer

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The Lost Supper
Restoring Communion’s power to guide us through the storms of life

The Lost Supper

Connection means establishing a depth of relationship with both God and man that exceeds the superficial. Connection means coming clean with our God and our brothers in Christ through honest confession—but how, and when? God has provided a way for us to accomplish this, and to find true emotional healing within the church. Communion…that's right Communion, is His ultimate gift for rooting out sin-addictions that are paralyzing the faithful. Yet, as with so many instances in the church today the grace offered at the Lord’s Table has been divorced from the requirements of it, and thereby its power to heal and transform has been neutralized. We've taken Communion out of the biblical small group setting conducive to confession, allowed those unworthy to participate to partake unchallenged, and thus made it a covering for sin rather than the divinely inspired tool intended for dealing with it. As Paul promised, the result has been too many "weak, sick, and spiritually asleep" in the church. But the power is still there for us, and we can reconnect with it!

In this book, Michael tells the story of his search for the meaning of a ceremony that seemed lifeless to him and most others he observed in the church. Through study, trial, and error, he and his disciples saw miraculous transformation of lives unfold before their eyes. Of all the events Jesus participated in with His disciples, He said of His Passover alone, "I have longed to do this with you." Read The Lost Supper, and find out why Jesus placed such an emphasis on His Passover, and why Paul said it literally contained the power of life and death. Open the gift and be a blessing to your small group. Return to the healing power of The Lord's Table with a new understanding of how embracing the balance of grace and command can literally transform your life.

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