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Mike's Blogs 2011

download January 2011 - Kindness and Severity
download January 2011 - MM 4C Retraction
download February 2011 - Idol of Grace Wreaks Havoc
download February 2011 - The Disciplers Joy
download March 2011 - Signing Off
download May 2011 - Divine Appts
download May 11 - A Liberating Revelation
download June 11 - Haggai Commentary
download July 11 - Atheletes in Laodicea
download July 11 - Ishmael's Revenge
download August 11 - Financial Armageddon
download August 11 - Returning to Egypt
download September 11 - Not Always the Devil
download September 11 - Wait For It
download October 11 - A Bum Rap
download October 11 - Gods Waiting Room
download October 11 - Weeding Tilling Replanting
download November 11 - Jesus All We Need
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download November 11 - Striving with God and Men
download December 11 - Not Any Grads
download December 11 - Pharisees and Christmas Trees

Mike's Blogs 2012

download January 2012 - Deceiving Times Upon Us
download January 2012 - Holy Bumps
download January 2012 - Straight or Twisted
download February 2012 - Paralysis of Kingdoms
download March 2012 - Choosing to be Slaves
download May 2012 - A Fourth Love
download August 2012 - Salvation of Our Thorns
download September 2012 - More Than Hoped
download September 2012 - Walking With Limp
download October 2012 - Messages and Methods
download October 2012 - Two Kingdoms
download November 2012 - Pastors Dens
download December 2012 - Positive Negative and Impatience
download December 2012 - We Ask Why
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Mike Wolff

Mike Wolff, founder of
Reconnections Ministries


From the time Mike found Christ in the midst of a search of eastern mystic cults in the late 70's, he felt a calling to a balanced, proactive life of ministry. Since then he has spent over 30 years ministering, writing, and teaching about his heart for men and mission, and his own desire to live according to the belief that the body of Christ was intended to be integrated into the community, as well as serving its own. After many years with Young Life, and involved in numerous church leadership positions, he founded Reconnections Ministries to use the knowledge gained through his experiences to promote a shepherding/discipleship model not available in traditional religious settings, and help men to have an impact in their communities through their deeds as well as their words, and to find and network individuals and ministries modeling these goals. See "Books" page on this website for Mike's offerings to help men strengthen and deepen their personal walk with Jesus Christ, and then to reach in to their world.

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